Gift collection by Pipe & Thimble Publishing **US-only shipping**

Shipping only to the United States.

Gift collection of handmade items:

  • Love in the Middle an MF romantic comedy by Barbara Lieberman
    • Love stories are for the young, he’s decided, and Sam Mayer is most certainly not young. He’s building a new life for himself, after cancer and divorce chewed up and spit out his old one. It’s called ‘middle age’ for a reason and that’s because it is not the time to start something new… or is it?
  • Love in the Middle swag pendant
  • hand carved tie-dye peace ornament
  • rose-scented mug hugger
  • peace raggle-taggle fairy doll

Minimum bid: $13

About the Publisher: Pipe & Thimble Publishing is a small publishing company founded on the idea that authors, and all artists, should be treated with respect and fairness. Our goal is to help independent authors get to the next level, while maintaining the same control they enjoy publishing on their own.

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