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Signed paperback copy of Pretty Human.

Pretty Human by Kayleigh Sky book cover

Seeking absolution for his past in a fiery death, a young space force pilot crashes his ship on a desert planet.

When Ellis Ligoria, King of Xol, witnesses a spaceship hurtling to the planet’s surface, he rushes to the scene of the crash and joins the search party for survivors. As night descends, a strange compulsion leads him to the site of an underground city. Here he rescues a badly injured Jem. During his recovery, it is discovered that Jem is part Xolan. Not only that, but he’s a genetically submissive variation called a Xolani. Ellis has no wish to care for a Xolani but cannot resist his desire for Jem. Taking him under his protection, he brings him home to his family.

Desperately wanting this new life, Jem claims to be a solitary Vagabond, a loner without family or home. A man nobody wants or is looking for. Safe for the first time in his memory, Jem has hopes for a happy future. He is falling in love with Ellis and adores his new family. All he wants is to live a quiet life as Ellis’ consort, but as his secrets sink him deeper and deeper into a prison of lies, he knows that he cannot hide his true identity forever. Marrying Ellis is a dream come true, but he’ll never escape the brutal man he is running from.

Soon called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, Jem must fight to stop a powerful monster bent on revenge.

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About the Author: My name is Kayleigh Sky, and I write m/m erotic romance. Usually, my stories are dark, but even the dark ones come with some humor–I hope you like dry humor! But no matter the struggle and despair of my characters, love always wins out. I’m strong on plot, strong on character, stronger on love. You can count on happily ever after from me every time.

Happiness is to lose myself in the other worlds and other people I find in books. That’s also why I write. One book that had a strong influence on me was Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. I came across it when I was about nine years old. My parents told me I couldn’t read it. I was supposed to put it back. Of course, I didn’t. I hid out in a cold garage and read my first story of love between two men. Well, actually the story was a little more complicated than that, but hey, I was nine. In any case, that story changed my world. It made it bigger. A lot bigger. I write my own stories to open hearts, and uplift the hearts of anybody who might be feeling down. Love matters. It counts. And it’s for everyone.


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