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Petra Howard of Dragonsfly Edits is offering the winning bidder 1 edit (content or line edit, winner’s choice) up to 65k words.

Minimum bid: $50

About the Editor: I’ve been reading from an early age, something my parents applauded. If given the choice between reading ‘inappropriate’ literature and not reading, my parents would always choose the first option.

Over the years, I have learned that a child will stop reading something if they do not understand it or are uncomfortable with it. I think that holds true for all children and young adults.

The stories I love most have some kind of magical, mythical or fantastical creatures in it. That is not a necessity but I simply love Fantasy and Science Fiction. Then again, a good plot and relatable characters can suck me straight into a story, regardless of the genre.

My aim is to get more people, especially children and young adults, to read. Anything and everything in general, but ‘Rainbow Tribe’ literature in specific. And so, this page is to offer you, authors of all genres, my services as an editor, proofreader, beta reader and book reviewer.

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