About & Contact

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens is a voluntary effort started by authors Dale Cameron Lowry and Olivia Helling in April 2017 to respond to the the news coming out of Chechnya, where gay and bisexual men — and those suspected of being gay — are being rounded up in detention camps, tortured, and killed.

They both decided to contribute book proceeds to charities helping LGBT Chechens, and Reader & Writers for LGBT Chechens was born. Since then, other authors, publishers, and book businesses have signed on to help.

The online auction held May 5–13, 2017, raised $2,709 USD for the Russian LGBT Network, Rainbow Railroad, and ILGA-Europe. As of May 31, participating authors have raised a total of $10,326 for these charities.

Reader & Writers for LGBT Chechens is not a charity and we do not handle money or solicit donations. We ask writers and readers to donate directly to organizations that are helping in Chechnya and the Russian Federation (see sidebar).


If you have any questions, please let us know! You can also find our FAQ here.