Online Auction is now closed

The auction has ended.

The online auction held May 5–13, 2017, raised $2,709 USD for the Russian LGBT Network, Rainbow Railroad, and ILGA-Europe. Authors continue to raise fund through book sales and other means.

The information below is for reference only.


*** The email that was sent to auction winners stated the receipts needed to be sent in by midnight May 14. By that, I meant by 11:59PM May 14 CDT time. I’m very sorry for the mix-up.

Also, Rainbow Railroad and American Friends of Rainbow Railroad may take up to 48 hours to process their receipts. If this is you, reply to your winner email and let me know.

Thanks everyone who participated!



From Friday, May 5 @ 12 noon CDT – Saturday, May 13th @ 12 noon CDT

In Chechnya, LGBT men are being abducted, beaten, tortured and forced into labour camps. The Russian and Chechen governments claim this can not be happening because a) there are no gay men in Chechnya (or Russia), and b) if such men did exist, their families would have disposed of them before.

But we can help. Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens are running an online auction to raise money for 4 organisations working to evacuate LGBT men from Chechnya.

You can also find items by where you live:

The auction begins at noon CDT on Friday, May 5 and ends at noon CDT Saturday, May 13th. The UTC offset for Central Daylight Time is -5. Here’s a time zone converter.

Looking for books in German? Look for #autor4tschetschenien on Twitter and Facebook.

Möchtest Du Bücher auf Deutsch? Suche nach #autor4tschetschenien auf Twitter und Facebook.

Auction FAQ

How can I bid?

  1. Find the item you want to bid on (you can find auctions by categories through the drop down menu “Online Auction” above, or see all auction items here).
  2. Click on the item post and comment with your amount in USD $.

How will I know if I’ve won?

We’ll email the winning bidder with all the info needed to finalise their bid.

What do I do after I win?

Once you receive an email, follow the instructions. You will need to donate to one of our 4 charities the winning bid amount and forward us the confirmation email.

What does ‘top 2 bidders’ mean?

A few of the auction items have more than one available (such as 2 copies of the same paperback book). Rather than put them up for auction individually, we combined them so the top 2 or 3 bidders will each win a copy.

Is this international or only for Americans?

Some physical items can only be shipped to limited countries, like the US. If they are restricted, the item post will include it in bold.

All items available in the United States are here.

All items available in Canada are here.

All items available to every other country are here.

All digital or other items are available for everyone.

The bidding is in USD $.

Which charities can I donate to?

You can donate to one of four designated charities:

Russian LGBT Network — Organization working directly with LGBT Chechens.

ILGA-Europe — organization providing funds to LGBT/humanitarian organizations in the Russian Federation who are helping LGBT Chechens get to safety

Rainbow Railroad — Canadian organization working with the Russian LGBT Network to get fleeing Chechens to countries where they will be safer.

American Friends of Rainbow Railroad — A fundraising organization for Rainbow Railroad. U.S. taxpayers who want to deduct a charitable donation from their income taxes can donate here.

Can I donate an item?

We’re not accepting new items anymore, but here’s more ways you can help.